Handy Hammock

World lightest hammock stand

The Handy Hammock - the lightest portable hammock stand on the planet

The Handy Hammock weighs 1.5kg or 54 ounces and is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and Kevlar/Dyneema lines and is supplied with a lightweight parachute polyester hammock. It costs under $150 retail, and sets up in 6 minutes without tools. It is ideal for the home and garden or anywhere where you can get a tent peg into the ground (it is not suitable for indoors). The Handy Hammock is awesome for beaches, barbeques, hikes, fishing, sitting on top of mountains, lazing around in open meadows, basically everywhere a hammock has never been... until now. The Handy Hammock is about one tenth of the weight of a typical portable folding hammock. For lightness and portability, no other self-supporting system gets close. There are dozens of other folding hammock stands around, but none are anywhere near as light as the Handy Hammock. The next lightest collapsible hammock stand that we have found is nearly 5kg/11lbs (three times the weight of ours!). Put simply, the Handy Hammock is the world's lightest portable (no trees) hammock and because it's fabricated using aircraft grade aluminium it will never rust. It packs down to a very manageable 70cm length and weighs less than a botle of coke! The folding struts with tensile reinforcement appear to defy gravity, supporting up to 125kg/275lbs. In fact the Handy Hammock is so light a two year old can carry it with ease! Think about the hammocking possibilities smile

ultralight collapsible hammock stand

By comparison let's look at a standard patio hammock stand...


Outdoor Steel Hammock Stand (we don't sell these)

This folding hammock frame is made from Steel. It is powder coated for protection, but inevitably being steel, it is still prone to rusting. It comes in a huge carry bag. It is durable but very heavy. Hammock with stand weighs 30 lbs or approximately 14 kg. It costs around $175 retail. It sets up in 3 minutes without tools. It is ideal for the home and garden. Clearly, it is also ideal for indoors, but although it comes in a carry bag it is not very practical to lug one of these anywhere far. So if you're looking for portable hammocks with a stand forget steel framed, and go for a Handy Hammock.

For our German readers.... Weltweit leichteste Hängemattengestell